Oban Lesbian Weekend is an inclusive weekend, run by LGBTQ women and non-binary people

for LGBTQ+ women and non-binary people. It is not for us to police what % lesbian our attendees are!  All are welcome - the rules are simply treat others with respect!




So what's Oban Lesbian Weekend all about?


  • Castles, Ceilidh, Comedy & Cruises!
  • Paddleboarding, Sea swimming, scenic smaller group hikes, group cycles, foraging.
  • DJ's, LGBTQ bands, Solos Ice breakers, Sober Social, Hosted group meals to suit all budgets - fine dining with new friends to fab fish & chips & more. 


  • 90 miles west of Glasgow (about 2 hours driving, but allow 3 with tourist traffic), on the west coast of Scotland, Oban is the gateway to the Hebridean Islands.
  • With it's world class scenery, it is a tourist Mecca in the summer months.  Oban is also known as the Seafood Capital of Scotland and possibly the new LGBTQ capital of Scotland too!


  • Oban Lesbian Weekend is a cross between a package holiday & a mini festival (there really is nothing quite like it, to compare).
  • We had our first ever Oban Lesbian Weekend in August 2022.


  • Oban Lesbian Weekend came about after many years of LGBTQ women saying to Oban Lesbian Weekend founder, Maz Gordon, that they'd love to visit Oban and see some of the islands.  Women said they'd love to see it's castles and scenery but they never thought they'd meet another LGBTQ person, and many worried about coming on their own or whether it might be a more homophobic place to visit than a city holiday.


  • After 20 years or working in LGBTQ media & events worldwide founder, Maz Gordon, moved her back her home down of Oban and decided that since Oban didn't appear to have many lesbians, she'd bring them!  And then it GREW!


  • The good news is that the locals have been almost excited about OLW as our team! Its a very friendly place and amazing holiday experience!  


  • One of the most lovely things to come from OLW so far is the sense of community and seeing so many new friendships & relationships form.  Last year, many women were initially nervous about coming alone, but with the help of our great team (& v friendly FB page), they weren't alone for long!  So if you're thinking of coming alone, don't worry, we have an amazing crew, ice breaking games and hosted meals.  You'll soon have new friends!

Come and find out for yourself

or feel free to email 

if you have any questions!




  • “I've been to events in London and other places for years but I've never been anywhere that had as good an atmosphere or was as friendly as Oban Lesbian Weekend”. MS. London


  • I was apprehensive before coming as I’m autistic (albeit high functioning) and find all the social stuff hard going at times and making new friends can always be difficult but I was so pleasantly surprised as everyone was so friendly and welcoming. The crew all did a wonderful job and I would just like to say thank you to Maz for creating this event. It was a fantastic weekend and one I will remember forever and look forward to seeing everyone next year!


  • “As someone with a disability, I was a bit anxious.  Thank you for making accessibility information readily available and having adaptations that suited me when it came to the walks. I was also nervous as I'm not great as socialising but everyone was so kind, friendly and welcoming. I will definitely be coming next year”. AL. Aberdeen


  • “Scotland now has a lesbian community! I made so many friends that I'm staying in touch with. I'll definitely be back next year”. AB. Far North Scotland.


  • “I loved Oban so much I stayed on. I decided to come for the week as I came from England. The crew were great at making sure we all mingled. I was a bit worried as I came by myself but by the end of the first meal, I had friends”.  JB, Buckinghamshire.

  • “I never thought I'd be referring to Oban as the new LGBTQ capital of Scotland but it was wall to wall lesbians!  Lots of friendly women and very inclusive as I don't identify as a lesbian myself but I felt that all sexualities were made welcome”. HS, Glasgow


  • “I liked it that we could all meet up at night but during the day, we split into much smaller groups for lunch and walks. I'm not always good in big crowds, so this felt like a nice balance”.  KC, Brighton.